Mark of humankind
Lunds cathedral, the crypt..
Sculpture, words and lithographic prints.
Left: Gravity. Cement.
Under: May the circle remain unbroken. Bronze.
Heaven and earth. Aluminium.
The ox that draws the plow. Aluminium.
Light. Aluminium.
Gravity. Cement.
The morrow. Detail.
May the circle remain unbroken. Detail.

May the circle remain unbroken
Rotundan, Kalmar
Mobile in wood 
Music: Roky Ericksson
May the circle remain unbroken

Root and crown
Millesgården, Lidingö.
Right: Root and crown. Painted aluminum.
Under: The growth of the tree is a clockwork performance. Painted iron.
Root and crown. Painted aluminum. 

Left, below: The tree, man and the vessel. Mobile in wood.
Below, right: Sealed shape with point of intersection, painted wood.

Above: Figure in red. Painted wood. Right: Root & crown, bronze. 

Below, left: mobile in wood. Below, right: watercolour.

Luleå Konsthall
Sculpture, paintings, video.
Right: Gravity. Cement.
Below, left: One is no one, two is one. Cement.

Below, left: Tree and vessel. Painted wood. Below, right: Exhibition view.: 
Bottom, right: The growth of the tree is a clockwork performance.  Painted iron.

Mark of humankind
Aguélimuseet, Sala.
Right: lithographic prints and Sphere, painted wood.
Below: lithographic prints.

We want to be egoists but can not
Tyresö Konsthall
Sculpture, paintings and words
Exhibition views. 
Quotes: Vi vill vara egoister men kan inte - We want to be egoists but can not (Simone Weil)
Du tror bara du inte är människan som får solen att återvända - It is only in your imaginatin that you are not the person who makes the sun return (Erik Wennerstrand) 
I ett samhälle där allt är handelsvaror kan det inte finnas någon kultur - In a society where everything is a commodity there can be no culture . (Malcolm Maclaren)

Mark of humankind
Uppsala Cathedral
Skulptur, words and lithographic prints.
Left: Sphere. Painted wood.
Below: poem and lithographic prints.