With my world of motifs I want to mold a body of society deeply anchored in the root of our world. A body with a heart that beats as long as we live in peace with motherhood. Since 1993, I have been working with a world of motifs in which the tree, the earth and the humankind cooperates. A story about the beauty and vulnerability of life on Earth. Man´s hand. Another worlds presence in ours. We are of two worlds united in the palm of our hands. The morning sun.

Oil painting, lithography, enamel, mosaic and drawing are the techniques I like to use if I make 2-dimensional works. Wood, stone, bronze, aluminum, concrete, plastic and iron are examples of materials I sculpt in.

Among solo exhibitions, I would like to mention Root and crown at Millesgården 2004-05 and The mark of humankind in Lund Cathedral's crypt 2015. 

Erik Wennerstrand

My first public art commission was Gravity for the Sachska Children's Hospital in Stockholm in 2000. An artistic design that includes painting, sculpture, poetry and patterned flooring. The latest public work Tree and vault of heaven is a granite sculpture for the The Andres Institute of art which is a sculpture park in Brookline, New Hampshire, USA.

In the art project To Beauty (1994-95) I toured through Stockholm suburbs with an exhibition consisting of painting and video. Stockholm-Kiruna round trip was a itinerant art project through sparsely populated areas in Sweden (1997). With me I had a program that consisted of painting, sculpture and spoken word performances.

A room for the Earth houses my studio and workshop, a room for temporary exhibitions of artists' works as well as rooms for workshops, lectures and other activities.

A Room for the Earth is a place open to thoughts that concern our time with a particular focus on a worthy relationship with the Earth.
Erik Wennerstrand